PowerPoint Presentation

The illustration of the material or a lecture always simplifies the perception of the information. The students at the university are particularly likely to experience it when the professors make their lectures vivid, or not at all. Later, the students themselves resort to different means of visualization, and try, for example, to refresh a term paper by a presentation in PowerPoint. How well and how quickly you can make a presentation depends on your academic achievements, not to mention the role of a presentation in the thesis.

Acquire the Bachelor – but first create a presentation

No matter how strange it sounds, one should take this idea seriously. Every scientific work makes a contribution to science, but the right value of any research is the availability of the material. Of what significance would the search be if nobody understood the main idea and could benefit from it? This means that a PowerPoint presentation can give a bachelor thesis a fresh draft. However, you have to think twice and do not put the creation on the back burner.

Above all, you must make it clear that a presentation is called to simplify the subject matter and not vice versa. The more catchy the idea of ​​your research is, the better your chances of getting a positive rating. A PowerPoint presentation for a bachelor thesis must be a good example of how to easily explain complicated things. When talking about physical processes, medical discoveries or innovations in the area of ​​energy efficiency, a presentation must not be “flooded” with the technical terms, numbers and large texts.

In defending the bachelor thesis, a meaningful PowerPoint presentation is an integral part of the speech. In fact, the focus of your work simply needs to be translated into the presentation. But what is the risk hidden in? Some students try to make their presentations so “colorful” and “attractive” that it becomes inappropriate. Too many images, different fonts, exaggerated sound effects are likely to distract the audience. No doubt, your presentation does not have to be boring, interactive, and sometimes amusing, but this fine line between entertainment and scientific research must be maintained in any case. Otherwise, the professors have the impression that you intend to replace lacking arguments or facts with the images.

Bachelor Thesis Presentation: how to determine the main topics?

Creating a presentation for a master’s thesis or other work seems to be very easy at first glance. At school, all students have prepared presentations several times, varying according to scope and topics. The more you practice creating, the faster you can master the new features in PowerPoint. However, at the university you have to do a presentation more carefully, because you have to consider the content first and foremost. Some even refrain from illustrating their own lecture or term paper and thereby lose the points. So, what do you have to be aware of when talking about a thesis?

Two pillars on which a presentation is based are the content and the look. From the outside we have partly told, now we come with the contents. The scope of a presentation is determined by the scientific supervisor. Importantly, the defense of, for example, a bachelor’s thesis must be accessible in PPT format. If you have written a master’s thesis and are working on the presentation, you have to use the introduction and the conclusion as a starting point. The goals, tasks, relevance and relevance of the topic, methods, conclusions and results achieved are the components of each presentation. Of course, it does not mean that you simply insert two chapters of your work into the presentation. The text must be shortened so that you only mention the key points. All the research that you have described in the main section should not be so detailed. Some examples and main theses are absolutely sufficient for the slides.

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